Christ Church, Presbyterian

Easter Services at CCP

Easter Sunrise Worship
April 20, at 7 am.
Battery Park, Burlington

Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Worship in Battery Park, Burlington.  Christ Church, Presbyterian and First United Methodist Church welcome the rising of the sun, the rising of the Christ, and the rising of this life itself on Easter Sunday, April 20, at 7 am.  All are welcome!

Easter Evening Worship and Feast
April 20, at 4 pm
St Paul’s parish hall (lower level), 2 Cherry Street in Burlington

After the Easter Sunrise breakfasts and triumphant Easter morning worship, after the Easter egg hunts and the jelly beans, the flowers and the luncheons—come experience a different take on Easter day!  Christ Church, Presbyterian of Burlington, meeting now in the parish hall of St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, will offer a unique worship opportunity on Easter Sunday, April 20, as afternoon begins to shade Continue Reading →

CCP has moved!

The CCP community now holds its worship at its new home at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s, 2 Cherry St  in downtown Burlington. Worship is held in the lower level of the Cathedral at 4pm with a time of fellowship to follow. Please enter through the lower entrance off of the flat parking lot. All are welcome!

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Somewhere beyond belief, our hearts know…

We’re a warm family of Christians who welcome you to our community of faith, no matter what your background. Some of us grew up in a church; some of us had never explored our spiritual life; most of us are somewhere in between. Together we seek to discern who Christ is and what He offers and asks of us. We’re people in mission, trying to make a difference through our inclusive, healing life together and our variety of work within the wider community and the world. We welcome everyone to our work and worship, celebrating the diversity of human beings God has created.

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April 14, 2014

Mike Brown
by Mike Brown

Either a King or a Fool

Well, he rode into the city early in the mornin’, sittin’ easy on a mule,
The people turned out and they started to shout, He was either a king or a fool,
Well, they yelled and they cheered and they carried on, they threw flowers in his way.
The kids were generally whoopin’ it up, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

This old song by Jim Manley, from the ancient time of 1970, pretty well captures a lot of the usual spirited associations with the celebration of Palm Sunday.  Manley’s words seem to portray the “triumphal entry into Jerusalem” as a spontaneous event, met by cheering crowds who materialized at the gate of the city.

I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened, although I must say Manley solved the animal problem—it’s way better than turning Jesus into some kind of trick rider the way Matthew does, having him riding two animals.  Continue Reading →

April 6, 2014

Mike Brown
by Mike Brown

Let Him Go

John 11: 1-44

Zombies are big.  Not only is there an upsurge in movies and TV series with zombies, but also it’s become fashionable—even apart from Halloween and all that—to take part in events called zombie runs (I think that’s right).  From what David tells me, hundreds of people take part in these things put together by promoters all over the country: you can choose to be a zombie, including full costume, or you can be a zombie tagger.  The idea, I think, is for the zombies to run through this sort of spooky obstacle course trying to avoid Continue Reading →

March 30, 2014

Mike Brown
by Mike Brown

Believed to Be Seen

John 9: 1-41

Appearances.  The way someone, or someone in a particular situation, looks to us.  As you probably know, this matter of seeing—of how anything looks—is a complex thing, even on a biological level.  In recent years the scientists have determined that only about ten percent of what we see is actually determined by the optic nerve and the simple physics of the eye.  The rest comes from the brain itself, from all of that stuff we carry around in our heads.  In other words, to oversimplify a bit, it might be said that in large measure—and Doubting Thomas notwithstanding—things need to be believed in order to be seen, and not the other way around. Continue Reading →

March 23, 2014

Mike Brown
by Mike Brown

Deep and Simple

John 4: 5-42

I happened to catch part of a public TV feature on Fred Rogers the other day.  You know, Mister Rogers.  You probably know that Fred Rogers, who did so much to truly nurture the children of our society, will always be a genuine all-American hero.  A Presbyterian minister, who simply spoke to kids from his own great heart, he was a remarkable person.  Since I saw the show, I’ve been captivated by one of his maxims: “I feel strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”  It seems that he lived and taught that, his whole career, and it made a huge difference for lots of children. Continue Reading →