Youth Program

Christian Nurture is CCP’s recognition that young people are both the future and mission of the church. Our current program is small with a rotating staff of CCP volunteers. We’ve used a variety of packaged curricula as our children have advanced. Lately, we’ve developed our own approach: the young people interview and question adult members of CCP about their religious views their own faith development and then they reflect on their own. The overall objectives have been to enable the young people to develop their personal statement of faith.

Now, inspired by the Unitarian Universalist curriculum, we are combining lessons from “Building Bridges: A World Religious Program,” with speakers from different faith communities and visits to worship services in churches around town. In addition to these experiences, our youth have expressed interest in sharing in the work in CCP’s local missions. For example: they are making quilts for the newborn at the Lund Home, they are walking for the homeless in the annual COTS walk, and they are lending support to students abroad in the work of TeacHaiti. Because of the coronavirus, we’ve not been meeting.