Are you looking for answers? We’ve got questions. Christ Church, Presbyterian is a theologically progressive and spiritually diverse congregation. We embrace a variety of faith journeys in our worship and approach our faith with open and questioning minds.
We are Christ Church, Presbyterian, but everyone calls us “CCP.” We’re known for being progressive, activist, mission-driven, social justice-oriented, and a little bit quirky and feisty. Not your typical Presbyterian church, but we’re grounded in the Reformed Tradition. For 65 years we have been trying – passionately and tirelessly – to be faithful followers of Jesus.

Statement of Solidarity: In the wake of the deep hurt and pain experienced following the death of George Floyd, Christ Church Presbyterian expressed our commitment to standing in solidarity with all who are outraged and mourn his death and the deaths of so many other people of color. We recognize that the systems and structures of this country lead to the oppression and death of BIPOC people on a daily basis. As a Matthew 25 church, we are committed to work to address structural racism and systemic poverty as we follow Jesus’ call to love and justice and hope. We have continued to add to this list of resources to inform our study, discussion, and action to address racial injustice.

Worship in Time of COVID-19
During this time of Covid, we have been alternating between all-Zoom Sunday services and hybrid services wherein some gather at St. Paul’s and some Zoom at home. Notices about when and where can be found in CCP’s weekly newsletter, in our Sunday morning email and by getting in touch with CCP by phone or by email.