Because we are a community with a strong focus on study, service and community, we deeply appreciate challenging weekly sermons on these topics.
Below is a sampling of sermons offered in recent months by our Transitional Pastor, Rev. Marjorie MacNeill, and our own Commissioned Lay Pastor, Frank Sadowski.

May 10, 2020–Rev. Marjorie MacNeill

I’ve never been very comfortable with being told how I should feel (or not feel) when I am “unset” or “fearful” so usually I recoil or rebel from words like the ones Jesus spoke to his people. “Do not be troubled….do not be afraid.” But I’ve found that in times of deep grief such words spoken by someone trustworthy – Jesus, an empathetic counselor, a caring parent, perhaps, can be profoundly reassuring and healing. (Read the full text using the link below).

May 3, 2020–Rev. Marjorie MacNeill

Once again – on this Fourth Sunday of the Easter Season of the church – we are given an invitation to reflect on the images of “shepherding” found in the texts of both the Hebrew scriptures – including in the 23rd Psalm – and in the writings of the New Testament. Today too in the second chapter of the Book of Acts  we encounter a brief description of the earliest gatherings of Jesus-followers who – after their experiences of Holy Week and Easter – and after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost – continued to worship at the temple as was their custom but also sought support and community “sheltering” at home and trying to make sense of what had happened among them so suddenly. (Read the full text using the link below).

April 26, 2020–Frank Sadowski

I have read this story or heard it more times than I can imagine so I found it curious that when I read it this year my focus was totally drawn to the disciples’ inability to know who was with them? What was the disciples’ problem that they could spend all day with Jesus and not know who he was, that it wasn’t until the bread was broken that they recognized him? Then I remembered that this also occurs in a good number of the other stories about the resurrected Jesus coming back to meet the disciples. So, maybe it’s a good question, I thought, but I didn’t have much of a clue about how to answer it. (Read the full text using the link below).