Because we are a community with a strong focus on study, service and community, we deeply appreciate challenging weekly sermons on these topics.
Below is a sampling of sermons offered in recent months by our devoted pulpit supply team, Kristabeth Atwood and Carl Hilton VanOsdall, our own Commissioned Lay Pastor, Frank Sadowski, and others who join us as guest preachers.

September 5, 2021

Kristabeth Atwood, M.Div.

Bold. Courageous. Witty. Quick on her feet. I love this woman from today’s Gospel lesson. When the stakes were highest, she didn’t take no for an answer.

Let’s set the scene:

August 22, 2021

Kristabeth Atwood, M.Div.

As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz reminds us, “There’s no place like home.” As one prone to homesickness, I would agree. My first experience at sleep-away camp was….well, to be honest, a disaster. My mother ended up coming to spend a night with me. But you know what? From that experience, I learned that home isn’t always a place, it is a feeling. After my mother arrived, I looked at her and said, “You know, it’s strange. I don’t feel homesick anymore.”

August 15, 2021

Rev. Carl Van Osdall

FORGIVE OFTEN is both a calling… a fruit…of Being The Church.

Forgiving is both extending a grace,
And, forgiving is getting UN-STUCK.

You’re an air traffic controller, atop your tower. The screen in front of you has dozens of little digital airplanes moving around, all jumbled and somewhat chaotic.
Imagine your unresolved grievances are the planes on the screen that have been circling for days and weeks on end.
Most of the planes, finding their way down to the runway, have landed.
But your unresolved grievances continue to take up precious air space, draining resources that may be needed in an emergency.

August 8, 2021

Rev. Carl Van Osdall

Do you or have you…
Provided meals for people who are hungry?
Do you or have you…volunteered and connected with people through the Joint Urban Ministry Project?
Donated or packed boxes at a food shelf or Foodbank.
Donated clothing or connected with people through Northern Lights or Mercy Connections?
Supported the work of COTS?
Worked with organizations that support child or adult victims of domestic violence (for poverty further entraps survivors in abuse)?
Do you or have you worked with people who are incarcerated (for Poverty and excessive legal punishments contribute significantly to the United States’ high rate of imprisonment, which has disproportionately affected low-income and minority populations.