Pastoral Care

CCP Deacons:

Tom Barritt and Lori Davis, Co-Moderators; Ann Naumann, Bronwyn Rider

Prayer Chain and Joys and Concerns
Please bring your Prayers of Joys and Concerns to our “virtual” online Sunday service at 4 pm. If you are not able to attend online or have an immediate crisis during the week, forward your prayers to the prayer chain or call the CCP office at 862-1898.

Congregational Care
Each member or participant in our church community has an identified Deacon whom they can contact directly if they have individual or family needs for support. Deacons are available to help with connecting people with resources, organize meals for shut-ins, set up rides to medical appointments, and provide spiritual and emotional support in times of stress.

Pastoral Care
Our transitional pastor, Marjorie MacNeill, is available to provide pastoral care to members and participants upon their request to provide conversation, assistance, and support. You can reach Marjorie directly for pastoral care by emailing her at or calling the church office at (802) 862-1898.