Pastoral Care

CCP Deacons:

Lorrie Richland, Moderator; Zengyi Chen, Bronwyn Rider, John Steele

Prayer Chain and Joys and Concerns
Please bring your Joys and Concerns to our 4 pm Sunday meetings – either in the worship space or on Zoom. If you are unable to attend or have a crisis during the week, forward your prayers to the Deacons’ prayer chain or call the CCP office at 862-1898.

Congregational Care
Each member of our community has a Deacon they can contact directly if they have a need for individual or family support. Deacons can help to connect people with outside resources, provide meals for those in need, arrange rides to medical appointments, and provide spiritual and emotional support in times of stress.

Pastoral Care
As in the past, our hardworking team of Deacons will continue to be our first line of pastoral care. Carl and Kristabeth have generously agreed to support the Deacons in providing pastoral care in crisis/emergency situations which call for care from a pastoral professional. Their assistance will be available either through referral from one of the deacons or by direct request from the individual seeking help. Since Kristabeth is local, she will be the primary contact for pastoral care requests. Carl, now living in Seattle, will serve as her backup and can be reached by phone or by email. Their contact information can be found below or in the CCP directory.

Rev. Carl Hilton VanOsdall
(802) 272-4037 (mobile)

Kristabeth Atwood, M. Div.
(802) 825-8141 (mobile)