Christ Church Presbyterian was founded in 1955 and, at its inception, grappled with the idea of what a church should be doing. Our early focus turned outward as we visited prisoners, unwed mothers at the Lund Home, and operated a coffeehouse and bookstore on Church Street called The Loft. For about ten years, we took the bold position of worshipping only one Sunday every month so we could minister to members of our community on the other Sundays.

CCP built on this early commitment as we became a ‘Sanctuary Church’ for a Guatemalan family and opposed Presbyterian policies by welcoming GLBTQ members. We joined with other Burlington churches by joining JUMP, the Salvation Army, and VIA. From our inception, social activism has been our way of expressing our faith.

We continue to pursue social justice through congregation-wide efforts and individual missions. Noteworthy initiatives by CCP can be viewed under CCP in the News!