Rev. Carl Hilton Van Osdall, Pulpit Supply Team

Carl appreciates gathering and preaching with the Beloved Community of Christ Church Presbyterian twice a month. Carl and his spouse reside in Kingston, Washington where Carl works as a therapist at Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, working with people at the intersection of their spirituality and mental health. Carl is a husband and father of three adult children, learning to live in an empty nest. He is a minister-member of the Seattle Presbytery. In the Pacific Northwest, Carl enjoys wandering gravel trails on two wheels, paddling a canoe around Puget Sound inlets, and treading miles of trails to explore the wonder of God’s creation.

Kristabeth Atwood, M. Div., Pulpit Supply Team

Kristabeth was a United Methodist minister for 18 years before leaving active congregational ministry to create her own business here in Burlington, Rites of Passage. As a designer of rituals, officiant, spiritual guide and discernment coach, she accompanies her clients through the changes and transitions in their lives. To learn more, visit her website at Kristabeth is also a novice dog trainer. One of her favorite activities is her weekly dog club meetings where she both learns from more experienced trainers and helps those just starting out on their dog training journey.

Frank Sadowski, Commissioned Lay Pastor

Frank Sadowski has been commissioned by the Presbytery to a ministry to the business community. The broad focus of his work is encouraging efforts to humanize the workplace and assist God’s efforts in the business world. His work currently includes teaching business ethics at Champlain College; writing on business ethics and workplace spirituality issues; serving as Chair of the Board of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility; and helping companies develop gender pay equity plans, which he hopes will lead to a methodology that small companies can use to make their pay more equitable. When asked, he speaks to groups on issues related to faith and work. He also leads services for CCP from time to time.

Adina Gordon, Church Administrator 

In addition to managing the CCP office, Adina Gordon works as a farmhand, enjoying days with dirt, bugs, and veggies; and also as a dance caller for contra, square, and English country dances, which provide nights full of live music and joyous people.

Thomas Jones, Pianist

I have played and studied piano since childhood in a rich and wide-ranging music career. From fancy country clubs to jazz clubs and society soirees, from dusty dives and rowdy saloons, from concert halls with symphony orchestras to recording studios, to exciting years playing ragtime on steamboats up and down the Mississippi River system. It is an amazing experience.

Through my life there has rarely been a time I haven’t played in church on a regular basis. How awesome are the great and powerful ways that music brings us closer to God. To play before the Lord has always been a delight and a spiritual fulfillment beyond words. Having recently moved to Vermont from Maine, I am thrilled to have found the opportunity to play for Christ Church Presbyterian.