Notes from Session


Greetings friends,

Session held our May meeting this week with a focus on just one question: How is this new hybrid model working? The consensus: it’s off to a very good start!

Both those who have attended in person and those who have attended on Zoom have noted feeling like part of one congregation—and many mentioned how interactive the service felt. Even those attending on Zoom reported that they loved seeing folks walk down the path to the door-seeing first legs, then faces as folks trickled into the space! Naturally, being CCP, we immediately identified what was working well and what we would want to tweak. Between the first week and the second week, with thoughtful input from a number of folks, small adjustments to sound, cameras and positioning of speakers were made, and there was general agreement that the second week was even better than the first. Of course, we are still in transition, and there will likely be a few more tweaks to come in the weeks ahead!

Huge kudos to technical designer Al Brooks and John Owen, and Sue and the Worship Planners for all the work that has gone into creating this model. It allows those who are comfortable to return to our space and relish the joy of in-person services—while offering those on Zoom a chance to feel truly a vital part of our service as well. And kudos to our preacher Kristabeth, who led in-person worship with the same warmth and sense of reverence that she has brought to our Zoom services. It seems hard to believe, but this was her first time in our space, and her first time meeting many CCP’ers in person! Lots of smiling eyes over those masks!

As you know, our model for the foreseeable future will be to offer hybrid services on the weeks that Kristabeth is leading worship, and Zoom-only on the weeks that Carl is leading worship. This will usually be an every-other-week model, but since we would feel terrible if anyone were to arrive at our St. Paul’s location on a Zoom-only Sunday, we will be posting the schedule in each Thursday’s e-newsletter, as well as sending a separate schedule, suitable for posting on your fridge! Additionally, the Sunday Zoom announcement will remind us, in bold, of Zoom-only Sundays—so be sure to check your CCP communications and mark your calendars.

Another milestone in these Covid times. We look forward to seeing you all in either or both locations!!

With love to all,
Mary Beth, for Session