Notes from Session


Today’s news is the sun sets officially at 8:01 PM and it won’t do that again until mid-May, 2021. We think about this and wonder what in the world things will be like come next May. It seems as if we’ve been cooped up forever. We miss our CCP community, we miss our odd little space beneath St. Paul’s. We have got used to Zooming and that’s just kind of how it goes. Like other creatures, we adapt.

Your Session met online and our Moderator, Rev. Larry Jones, took his turn at Session Study whereby we start the meeting with something to think about and discuss. This time, it was instances in the Bible where unfairness and discrimination lead to change. Interpretation changes, too, and we know that text can be used in good ways and bad. This is the sort of thing you could spend all day talking about but we needed to get on…

David Boedy, Chair of the Pastor Search Committee says the committee will continue to respond to inquiries and review applications as they are submitted. Meanwhile, we are ever grateful to have Marjorie MacNeill as our transitional preacher.

Rev. MacNeill reported about the PCUSA’s recent 21-day Matthew 25 Challenge. This is a course of daily readings and media resources dealing not only with the denomination’s stance on racial justice issues but also with Biblical and contemporary references. Along the way, there have been Zoom discussions and gatherings attended by hundreds of people around the country. Several CCP people participated as time and inclination
permitted. Anyone can do this and it doesn’t need to be done in any particular time frame. The Challenge materials remain available and easy to access.

Marjorie also reported on her distanced visits in person and by phone with those who would like to talk to her. She attends local clergy meetings and represents CCP in the outside world. She meets with Worship Planners every week to put together the Sunday sermon with contemporary texts. She writes her weekly report to the Congregation which you can find on Wednesdays in your inbox. On most Sundays at 4 pm, Marjorie presides over our Zoom Joys and Concerns and Communion – the attendance to which has been steady and strong.

At some of these 4 pm meetings, we stay after for discussion about what we’ve been doing and experiencing as part of our refocusing on systemic racism and social justice issues. We’ve been reading and writing letters, we’ve been attending vigils and virtual meetings. We are having our consciousness raised. We’ve developed our own list of media and print resources for your further study and involvement. You can find it on our website: This should keep you busy until next month.

Meanwhile, be well. Take care.

Elinore Standard
CCP Clerk of Session

Carol Hegel Lang/Albert Lea Tribune