Notes from Session


October 31,2022

Dear CCP Friends,

The most important news from October’s Session meeting is our meaningful and touching conversation with Xindy Zang about her desire to be baptized and become a member of our CCP community. Xindy met with Session to tell us a bit of her life story, how she came to CCP, and the roots of her desire to become a member and be baptized. Zengyi accompanied her to provide translation and enthusiastic support.

Xindy’s story is an amazing and inspiring one. When she was quite young, she and her family were removed from their home and suffered much hardship during the Cultural Revolution. She eventually came to the U.S. and she and her husband worked hard to fund their son’s education; he went on to complete graduate education in Canada. She spent time with a faith community some years ago, but was not baptized; she recognized that she was seeking a community that matched her strong beliefs in God’s goodness and love. Zengyi invited her to CCP and Xindy has been joining us each Sunday for two years on Zoom and now, in person. She shared that she wanted very much to become a Christian and a member of our faith community.

Session joyfully voted to approve Xindy for membership and baptism at CCP. This baptism took place on Sunday, October 30, with Carl and Kristabeth co-officiating and Zengyi serving as her sponsor. It was a truly beautiful service and a special time in the life of our church as so many came together on screen and in person to welcome Xindy into the Beloved Community. We were all inspired by Xindy’s story and the depth of her faith and we look forward to getting to know her even better as time goes on.

We also continued our monthly discussions about how to create the best worship experience for the entire community in the hybrid format—discussing masking, congregational singing, microphones and more. Each month’s discussion leads to minor tweaks that seem to enhance the in-person and Zoom experience –and help us feel more like one community in two places.

John Owen reported that those reporting on the book study found this fall’s selection, How the Word Is Passed, extremely thought provoking and engaging. The group highly recommends this as a very worthwhile read, if you missed this study.

Finally, a few dates to circle on your calendars. Our Christmas Eve Service will take place on Saturday, December 24 on Zoom– so you will be able to attend even if you are traveling. More about this next month. Moving into January, our Annual Meeting for 2023 (yes, 2023!) will take place on Sunday, January 22 after our service. We hope you will be able to join us for both!

With love, and delight that we are able to do things together in new ways,
Mary Beth, for Session