Notes from Session


Ask yourself two questions: What is an uncertainty you live under? What is a certainty you have been promised and that you are still waiting for? David Boedy began Session Study with these two questions and all six of us realized the only certainty is uncertainty. In light of this, we shared experiences and acknowledged that nobody can go it alone. Even faced with great uncertainty, CCP has always done it together. We’ve been willing to adapt, to modify, to change. David quoted CCP’s founding minister, Bill Hollister: “The path is in the walking.”

We realize we’ve been meeting via ZOOM for nine months — since we formally closed up shop at St. Paul’s last March. We’ve had to change and shuffle. We have been blessed with Marjorie MacNeill, our transitional pastor, but will have to adapt to church without her, come March. We are grateful for our ability to switch gears and forge ahead. Not having a building, ironically, has made this easier.

A church building has been burned by arson and we pray for the people in that congregation. This is the second church in the Springfield area to be torched. Session is sending a check in behalf of CCP and you can add to it, if you wish:

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Presbyterian Church
14 Concord Terrace
Springfield, MA 01109

The CCP pastor search continues. In the meantime, after Marjorie leaves, the Worship Committee has arranged for guest preachers, Kristabeth Atwood and Carl Hilton vanOsdall, to be with us on a rotating basis. We will be having full church services at 4:00 pm, our usual time, via Zoom. By the time you get this note from Session, you will have received an email announcement.

Session will monitor arrangements for Pastoral Care. Along with the Deacons, we will see to it this growing need is met.

We continue to monitor and update the CCP website, an increasingly important source of information and portal for outsiders. Look for seasonal photos and excellent information about our Racial Justice resources.

What we look forward to:
January 22 7:30 — Reel to Real – “Fisherman’s Friends
January 24 4:00 — CCP Annual Meeting via Zoom.
January 27 1:30 – Book study begins. “Waking Up White
January 31 Youyun’s 100th Birthday – card shower

That’s it for January. For me, that is really it because, as of the Annual Meeting, Mary Beth Barritt is taking over as Clerk of Session. I’ve had the privilege of being Clerk for six years and, I have to say, it will be interesting to see what I’ll do with this new gift of time.

Be well, take care,

Elinore Standard
CCP Clerk of Session