Our Faith

The high point of the worship experience at CCP is standing in a circle around the Communion Table every week to share our Joys & Concerns and the Communion meal. During this time we are sharing this virtually.

As our Statement of Faith affirms:

Somewhere beyond belief, our hearts know…
That God is the breath of love within us, between us,
the intimate mystery beyond us, holding us,
the Creator, our Creator.

That God’s Creation is essentially good, no matter how hidden
that goodness may be.

Somewhere beyond belief, our hearts know…
That in Jesus we glimpse God and what God would have us be:
loving extravagantly, demanding justice,
fully present, welcoming to all,
citizens in the Kingdom of God,
here and now.

That Jesus is known in paradox,
comforting and challenging,
clear and confounding,
historical, present today, and ahead of us,
deeply personal and beyond our grasp,
human and divine,
peacemaker demanding justice, upsetting the old order.

Somewhere beyond belief, our hearts know…
That the heart of our community is around and on the communion table,
the table where everyone belongs, where everyone is welcome,
where we see the Christ in each other,
where we are filled up and poured out,
where we gain strength for the journey.

That we are called to help create God’s New Realm in this world
collectively and individually, led by the Spirit,
to love it into existence,
to announce that it is already here,
to inspire, to help others see it,
to be Christ’s body and to do God’s work.

Somewhere beyond belief, our hearts know…
That the journey is long, that the journey is good,
that answers lead to questions, deeper and deeper,
that God’s grace carries us
now and forever…

Christ Church Presbyterian, 2006.