Worship Preview


Sunday, December 5, 2021


Back Story: An Angel foretells the birth of John to Zachariah. Z. is not sure how this could work because he and Elizabeth, his wife, are old. The Angel gets mad at this disbelief and strikes Z. mute. The Angel visits Mary and foretells the birth of Jesus. Mary visits Elizabeth and they share their joy. John is born before Jesus.

There is amazement when Elizabeth chooses not to name her son after his father, Zachariah. Everyone pressures her but she resists. Z. also holds fast and writes on his slate: “His name is John.” Z. predicts that the people will escape their enemies and will serve God, without fear, “all our days.”

John grows and becomes strong in spirit. From early on, John makes his home in the wilderness until “the day of his public appearance in Israel.” We Planners could go on about the importance of wilderness as a testing ground and crucible. The wilderness is a place where people sin and repent, where they restore their relationship with God.

Join us at 4:00 pm as Kristabeth Atwood, M.Div., brings us her message “Close to Home: Laying the Foundation.” We will also share CCP Joys and Concerns and Communion. Zoom information will appear in your Sunday morning email. Tom Jones is the pianist.

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