Worship Preview


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Exodus 16:2-15

The people want bread and meat

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Everyone has made it safely out of Egypt, and here they are – hungry and complaining – in the wilderness. You know the story: the people want bread, so they get bread but it is in a strange new form and they are not happy about that.

They want meat. They grumble. You want meat? I’ll show you meat – and the skies rain down quails. So many birds cover the camp!

What if we are getting sustenance in a form we don’t recognize? What if a different kind of nourishment appears right at our feet and we stomp on it? We suspect recent perils are some kind of test.

We know we are in for some big changes. Shall we complain and do nothing or do we pitch in and try to make the best of bad situations?

Rev. Marjorie MacNeill is preaching and her sermon will be found in your Sunday morning email. Look for a link to music by Lisa Raatikainen. On Saturday, you’ll get the ZOOM information for 4 pm Sunday CCP Joys and Concerns and Communion. Tom Jones is the pianist.

Plan to stay after for another in sharing of our racial justice learning: what we’re reading, seeing, learning, doing. These substantive conversations are a way to find out what others have been engaged in and highlight opportunities for involvement. We are not operating in a bubble.

Don’t miss Tom’s ragtime concert on Friday evening at 7 via ZOOM. LOOK for the announcement flyer in this newsletter and in email from CCP.