Individual Missions

CCP congregants have wide and deep passions for a variety of missions, as you will see in this list:

We invite you to read about these projects in their own words in the following blog posts:

Where Were You When Earth Day was “born” on April 20, 1970? by Ron McGarvey
Zengyi’s Story about immigrating from China

We invite you to read about ongoing projects that were initiated by CCP individuals and are supported by CCP congregants:

TeacHaiti – CCP became involved in supporting children to attend school in Haiti after Ann Naumann, one of our members, travelled to Haiti with support from CCP members after the major earthquake in 2010. She subsequently returned in 2011 with Maria Naumann, and in 2014 with Jesse Naumann.

Ann learned that many children do not attend school in Haiti as there is not a public school system. Only children who can pay tuition and fees and buy uniforms attend school. Many are not able to do so due to extreme poverty. Initially CCP supported some students that Ann met in Haiti. Because Haiti is a complicated place, after several years we opted to support a nonprofit School which was founded by Miquette Denis, RN, with whom Ann worked in Haiti.

CCP has been sending 10 children to school for several years. It costs $500.00/year to send a child to school in Haiti. In addition to providing an education to students, TeacHaiti also feeds the children every day. For many of the students this is the only daily meal that they have. In the last few years, because of political strife and violence, TeacHaiti has also been helping to feed the families of the children.

This mission truly serves the poorest of the poor in one of the poorest countries in the world and makes a real difference in children’s lives.

CCP supports eager learners at the School of Hope in Haiti

Immigration Support – CCP has a longstanding commitment to supporting immigrants in our community and throughout the United States. Our diverse experiences include:
• Although our former interim pastor, Rev. Marjorie MacNeill, was not able to travel to the southern border this year, she recommends two ministries.
• Ann Naumann’s flyer to let members of CCP and her community what they can do to help immigrants in Vermont and other parts of the USA:

• PCUSA created these documents to help our churches advocate for immigrants:

Gun Legislation – CCP advocated for Vermont gun legislation in 2019 with a letter-writing campaign that supported gun bills during Vermont’s House and Senate negotiations. The legislation that was passed was some of the strongest in the nation and was celebrated by the March for our Lives that was attended by 19 CCP members and their relatives.

Mercy Connections Justice and Mentoring Program – Mercy Connections’ Mentoring Program matches women who are exiting the correctional system with volunteers who provide friendship, support and practical help during the year after their release. Sometimes long-lasting bonds are formed between mentors and mentees.

Noyana Singers– Noyana is a trained group of Hospice volunteers who provide songs of comfort at the bedsides of those who are nearing the end of life.