Session (Elders):
Elinore Standard-Clerk of Session
Al Brooks-Treasurer
Mary Beth Barritt- Worship
David Boedy-Vision and Pastor Search
Virginia Munkelwitz- Mission
John Steele –Facilities
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Lawrence Jones

Tom Barritt-Co-Chair
Lori Davis-Co-Chair
Ann Naumann
Bronwyn Rider

Session Notes to the Congregation — June 2020

Here we are, stuck at home and once again Zooming a Session meeting. We’re getting used to this and to so much else in these bizarre times. Our meeting opened with prayer, as it always does, and Mary Beth Barritt introduced the day’s Study.

Mary Beth provided us with the text of Nadia’s Bolz-Weber’s reflections “for fellow white folks.” The Irreverent Reverend, as always, she – that’s Nadia – puts into words what we are thinking. “First, a story about how little I knew about Black people and police.” Then Nadia goes on: “I just started listening, It’s humbling to find out you’re a novice when you fancied yourself already educated,” We talked about some of our own experiences and awakening.

Lest we sit around contemplating our navels, we’ve begun peeking outside our Vermont cocoon and find ourselves happily involved with a church far bigger than ourselves. First, our local Presbytery of Northern New England and then the huge Presbyterian Church USA. We’ve tapped resources from the national church and support from our local presbytery. Some of us plan to participate in a PCUSA 21-day Racial Justice Challenge beginning on July 6. We invite you to come along – register and join the conversations.
Details appear at the end of this note.

Speaking of the Presbytery: David Boedy, CCP Pastor Search Chair, says all the paperwork has been submitted and approved by the PCUSA and we are about to get the formal go-ahead launching the search. Like everything else in this Covid time, the search will be complicated but the challenge is there and we are ready.

We have more outside opportunities in hunger funding for Vermont and for action in the Vermont State legislature. Our Faith in Action Chair, Virginia Munkelwitz, has provided information re these pressing issues — appearing in the weekly newsletter and on the CCP website: Christchurchburlington.org.

How odd it seems that so many doors are opening just when we were feeling so closed in. We’ve been forced to shift gears and reach deep. We feel closer to our CCP congregation and to each other. We treasure our temporary pastor, Rev. Marjorie MacNeill, and our Administrator, Sophia Donforth. It does seem a bit cheeky to think of ourselves as lucky.

Until July be well, be safe…

Elinore Standard
CCP Clerk of Session