Covid Vaccines in Prisons

Governor Scott has not yet approved a large vaccination program for those in prison, despite the fact that prisons are breeding grounds for Covid infections because of close housing conditions. This puts many at risk of infection, and unnecessarily endangers the lives of both inmates and those who work with them. Under the Eighth Amendment to the constitution, inmates must be provided with access to timely and appropriate medical interventions to access, diagnose, treat and prevent heath conditions. The risk of Covid would certainly meet this requirement. We urge you to write to the Governor to request he reverse his current opposition and provide the vaccine to all those who live or work in Vermont prisons immediately so that Vermont can meet the basic principles of correctional health care.

Here is additional information,

Here are names and email addresses of the Governor, the State Health Director, and Chittenden County legislators,
Governor Scott
Mark Levine, MD

Chittenden County Senators
Philip Baruth
Thomas Chittenden
Ginny Lyons
Christopher Pearson
Kesha Ram
Michael Sirotkin

Chittenden Country Representatives
Go to this address, put ‘Chittenden’ in Refine Results box, and then press Name

Here is a sample letter for you to use or adapt:

Because of the large number of people housed in Vermont’s prisons, living and working there is not safe. To stop the spread of the Coronavirus, protect those imprisoned, and abide by state law, it is important that Vermont act quickly to vaccinate both the inmates and the guards. You have been a courageous leader in all other aspects of Vermont’s COVID response, and I urge you to protect prisoners and guards, as well.