“Citizens at Last” 2 versions of a film tracing the Women’s Suffrage Movement (Elinore)

186 min:

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is an adaptation of an August Wilson play chronicling the 20th century Afro-American experience” in the music world. (Netflix)

“13th” This is a TV documentary about racial history in this country. (Sue and Marjorie recommend this movie and would be happy to be part of a discussion group.)

“Just Mercy” available for free viewing in June on Amazon Prime. (watch now, discuss with Reel2 Real in the fall)

“Birth of a Nation” 1915 D. W. Griffith film (YouTube)

“I am Not Your Negro” about James Baldwin. Tom also recommends re-reading articles about the history of the 1960s racial justice actions/protests because there is much more to learn than we knew going through that time. Wikipedia has some excellent and informative articles.