Podcasts and Music

Warriors in the Garden -(Elinore)
Seeing White – (Sophia)
• Caste – discussions with Oprah Winfrey and Isabel Wilkerson are available on Apple (Ann Rathbone)
• Krista Tippett interview with Rev. Otis Moss III on NPR which talks about how “black children have been robbed of their childhood” because of the need to teach them “how to get home safely” even at a young age as they are growing up. (John Steele)
• Only a Pawn in the Game by Bob Dylan. Tom listened to it recently and found it meaningful.
• Your Body Is Being Used, CodeSwitch Podcast , NPR
• When Civility is Used as a Cudgel Against People of Color, CodeSwitch, NPR
• The Power of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Anger, CodeSwitch, NPR
• Opinion: My Father Stood for the National Anthem for the Same Reason Colin Kaepernick Sits, CodeSwitch, NPR
Interview with Resmaa Menakem, from “On Being” podcasts, with Krista Tippett, . (Carol J. recommends)
• Concert pianist Awadagin Pratt plays Bach’s Brandenberg Concerto and talks about his experience as an African-American man. (Virginia recommends)