TEDtalks/YouTube talks/Websites

  • Watch a Never-Before-Aired James Baldwin Interview From 1979. Buried by ABC at the time, the segment reveals a unique glimpse into Baldwin’s private life, as well as his resounding criticism about white fragility, as blisteringly relevant today as it was in 1979.
  • James Baldwin- Race, Media & Psychoanalysis, June 24, 2021 – Virtual panel featuring psychoanalysts Annie Lee Jones and Victor P. Bonfilio, as well as Aisha Karefa-Smart, Baldwin’s niece, discussing the 1979 interview and their perspectives on Baldwin.
  • Kate Bowler teaches the History of Christianity in North America and has written about the church’s complicity in racial injustice. Her website/blog is katebowler.com

(Mary Beth plans to watch one Ted Talk/week and hopes to discuss this with others. Let her know if you’d like to watch and discuss one / week for the month of July.)•

  • “Shelter in Place: Living in the Shadow of the Petrochemical Industry” a 45-minute documentary on Amazon Prime
  • 9066 to 9/11” focuses on the parallels between the post-September 11 treatment of Arab Americans and Muslims in this country with treatment of Japanese Americans after the start of World War II.
  • Learn the difference between being a racial justice ally and a co-conspirator by listening to Bettina Love (Audrey recommends)