Gun Legislation

Although Gun Legislation has not been foremost in the news during the past couple of months, our Republican governor, Phil Scott, is very concerned about this issue and wrote a strong letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham. You can read Governor Scott’s excellent letter here.

CCP advocated for Vermont gun legislation last year, so congregant Sue Brooks wrote to thank Governor Scott. In response, he thanked her for her letter and “for being active in the political process — specifically regarding gun safety reforms. Public participation and engagement is critical to a strong democracy”.
Thank you to all CCP members who wrote letters to Vermont legislators in support of gun bills and to the 19 members and relatives who attended the March for our Lives. We are pleased to report that the following legislation passed both the House and Senate and is ready to be signed by Governor Scott:

· Raise minimum age to purchase a gun from 16 to 21
· Ban bump stocks
· Expand background checks
· Limit capacity of magazines that can be sold or possessed
· Remove firearms from people arrested or cited for domestic assault
· Extreme risk protection orders – do not allow a person who is a threat to themselves or others to possess a firearm