Ann Naumann’s Reflections on Her Time in Haiti

From Ann Naumann, on her mission work in Haiti:
I first went to Haiti after the earthquake in 2011. I spent two weeks there at a small hospital outside Port Au Prince working with patients who had been injured in the earthquake. Maria and I went back in 2012 and Jesse and I returned in 2014.  During these visits we worked in a free standing Physical Therapy Clinic supported by Global Therapy Group, a non-profit Physical Therapy Practice.   This clinic was established after the earthquake to meet the needs of Haitians who had been injured in the earthquake or who had other therapy needs. Prior to the earthquake physical therapy was not really known or used in Haiti. This clinic was staffed by Haitian Physical Therapy Aides who received direct training at the clinic as well as in other locations in Haiti.  Other staff included volunteer PT’s, OT’s and Speech and Language Therapists from throughout the world who came to Haiti to support this work for one week to four months at a time. 

These were tremendously rewarding and important experiences for Maria, Jesse, and me as well as for the patients who we were able to work with and help.  I am planning another trip with my younger son, Alex when he is a little older.  

Photos include those of Anese, who was pregnant with her first child when we met. She lost her leg in the earthquake and I taught her how to put on/off her prosthesis, how to care for her leg and how to walk with her prosthesis. When she had her baby two months later, she called me from Haiti asking me to name her new son.  Since then we have stayed in touch with Anese and her son Isaac who is one of the children that CCP sends to school in Haiti. 

Through all of these trips the members of Christ Church Presbyterian have been strong financial supporters as well as cheerleaders and avidly supportive interested parties. Since 2012 CCP has been sponsoring several children to attend school in Haiti.  As there is not really a functional public education system in Haiti, schools are private and are costly. Anyone who does not have the money does not receive an education. Currently we are sending eight children to school through the non-profit education organization TeacHaiti, as well as Isaac.   

Christ Church Presbyterian members have been most generous in sponsoring these children, ensuring them an education and a chance to move out of poverty.

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